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The Agnes Water Effect

Where is Agnes Water?

If I mention this place to my friends and to travelers, where I spend most of my time in Australia, they have no idea where is it. Which is good. That means it's still not run over from tourists and it's kind of a secret spot to visit. I heard from some locals, that this place is compared to Byron bay 20-30 years ago. There is a small surf community here, a few shops and 4 hostels.

The main reason to come here is because of 1770. Its the only place in the world with numbers. This is the place, where Captain James Cook was landed here in 1770. He meant to be the first European who discovered Australia. There where some Dutch sailors here before, but they never discovered the land.

It is also a very popular fishing region, where all the guys go out and catch heaps of tuna, Spanish mackerel and with big luck also some crabs.

Same as for the surf. It is the most northern place where you can surf in Australia.

My story:

First I came here for 2 weeks in February 2016 to work at Backpackers@1770 for accommodation. Then I extended because I found a job in a small restaurant around the corner. I extended again, but then monthly. I had an awesome job at Café Discovery as a Barista. In addition I started working as a photographer for taking pictures at the "Reef to Beach Surfschool". I extended again and again (this is why it's called the Agnes Water EFFECT!!!!) and ended up managing the place now. Having a degree as a Travel Agent, it was easy for me to get along in this position.

Manager generation (Kristina, Lewie, Oscar, Flora and Duke)

So what else I am doing here? 9 month in Agnes water:


There are Backpackers, they very appreciate this place and got hooked into the Agnes Water effect. For others it's boring, because they don't have the vibe and needed to hurry up to Airlie Beach or down to Hervey bay for some more party. There is actually a lot to do here although it is a small place. Please scroll down and see the guide.

About Backpackers@1770:

'The Backpackers is a family owned business, which was bought in August 2015. There are three owners, Oscar and his parents Paul and Sharon. They are originally from the Gold Coast, Paul and Sharon still live there and Oscar lives in Agnes. He runs the hostel alongside with his side-kick pet dog, Duke!


Oscar and his family have each had an extensive experience in travelling and still hold this passion. Since owning the hostel they have recreated the space and are still developing areas to complete their vision. Their vision is to have a hostel that has a chilled vibe, with artwork, eco-projects and the look of a bohemian travelling hostel. With their experience in travelling and passion for the environment, they have applied this in how they've created the hostel; they want to make it to feel like home for backpackers and give them a memorable travelling experience. We also do promote Sea Shepherd. We have stickers, necklaces, bracelets and patches available. For more information's about Sea Shepherd please scroll down.

The main types of jobs provided here are for two hours a day to work for your accommodation. The requirement for work to stay period is 2 weeks minimum.

There are also opportunities to help Oscar in landscaping, eco-projects and art-work.
It is also included the free use of laundry facilities, surfboard and bike hire, free surf lessons, sunset tours plus discounts on tours in Agnes! ("...")'
(, text: Kristina Goggin)

A few personal recommendations for Agnes Water/1770

  • breathtaking Sunset at 1770 Headland with dolphins and turtles (wales: AUG-SEPT)
  • sunrise surf at Main beach
  • best surf at Springs Beach (secret)
  • Paperbark forest!
  • Latte with almond milk at Holiday Café at the beach
  • skating at midnight around hilly Agnes Water
  • going out at The Tavern on Saturdays, life music provided
  • raw vegan cakes (caramel slice!) and smoothies (Zing smoothie!) at Solfoods
  • Chocolate Croissant at the Bakery (05:30am!!, they are popular)
  • 4WD at the Nationalparks

Bush walk to the lookout point at Main Beach and chilling at Secret Beach
bonfire at night at the beach (not accepted anymore, sorry)

(Sunset Yoga in 1770)

Main Beach - Springs Beach - Workmans Beach - Chinamans Beach (strong current) - Deepwater NP: Red Rock and Middle Rock - Rules Beach

(Sunrise at Main Beach)

Tips for Agnes Water/1770

Backpackers@1770 (Nr.1 at TripAdvisor)
Cool Bananas
Nomads 1770 Southern Cross
YHA 1770

Sandcastles 1770 Motel & Resort
Lagoons 1770 Resort & Spa
1770 Getaway

Agnes Water Beach Holidays
1770 Camping Ground
Workmans Beach Camping Area

Holiday Café (my favourite Coffee at the beach!!)
Solfoods (best vegan and organic shop)
Latinos' Café (good aussie breakky place)
Madonnas' Café (good aussie breakky place)
Café Discovery (best lava cake)
Best Restaurants: Seagrapes,1770 Lagoons,1770 Getaway, Green Turtle

Surfing: Reef to Beach Surfschool ($17), Lazy Lizard Surfschool 1770 ($22)
Kite Surfing: Kitesurf 1770
Stand up Paddle: 1770 SUP
Tours around Agnes Water and 1770: 1770 Tours
Beach and Bush Tours: Moondoggy (Nationalparks with SUP, Kayak and Surf)
Scooter/Bike Tour: Scooteroo
2-3 Days Castaway/Survivor: 1770 Cast Away
Kangaroos: Kangaroo Sanctuary
Kayaking: 1770 Liquid Adventures Kayak Tours
LARC: 1770 Larc Tours
Great Barrier Reef: 1770 reef - Lady Musgrave day trip
Information: Discover 1770 (Travel Bugs)

There are camping areas at Deepwater and Eurimbula NP:

Sea Shepherd -- Defending Ocean Wildlife Worldwide

"Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat ans slaughter of wildlife in the world's ocean in order to conserve and protect ecosystem as species.

Sea Shepherd Australia uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd Australia works to ensure their survival for future generations."

Especially Agnes Water and 1770 are presenting Sea Shepherd such as doing Beach Clean-ups, Movie night at Ambers' Solfoods every Friday evening and there is Sea Shepherd merchandise in most of the shops.

Thanks to:
Arty for the awesome surf at the point, Matty for the Tie-Dye Workshops, Dave for the drumming, Amber for the lovely caramel slice (that i am addicted to), lovely Grom for awesome chats at the surfshop, Brown Rice and co., Oscar&Duke and everyone around us.

I had an awesome time and happy to meet you here. I am going to enjoy the next 6 week I will have left here. It is such a magic place, so peaceful!

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